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Kavala International Airport Train Transfers

Passengers arriving at Kavala International Airport (KVA) can take a taxi, share a ride, take the bus, or rent a car.

Kavala is a city in the northern Greece region, the principal seaport of eastern Macedonia, and the capital of the Kavala regional unit. It is an important economic center of Northern Greece, a center of commerce, tourism, fishing, and oil-related activities, and formerly a thriving trade in tobacco.

Find the physical street address and geographical coordinates of Kavala Airport below for GPS directions. Simply enter the following information into your GPS device.

The airport's latitude and longitude are also helpful (40°55'19.26"N24°37'20.17" E or 40.922017, 24.622269).

The month of September is the most active for visitors to Kavala. Flights to Kavala are the most expensive during this time, so book ahead and arrive an hour and a half before departure.

If you're flying via KVA, arrive at the airport an hour and a half before departure to avoid hassles.

If you're traveling on business, try to arrive at the airport station at least two hours before your flight.

The best way to get away from the airport is to take Route 1 to Alajuela, which is close to the airport's road entrance and takes only 25 minutes to downtown San Jose.

Despite this, there is no station or rail service at the airport. You may reach the train stations at Thessaloniki and Athens through several transits:

  • First, you will take a taxi or bus to Kavala Bus Stations in downtown Kavala. It will take 26 minutes which is 30.1 km.
  • You can ride a bus from Kaval Bus Station to Thessaloniki Monastiriou Bus Stop, which is a 15-minute ride. The bus operates every four times a day.
  • After this, you only need to walk for 6 minutes for 510 meters to reach the Thessaloniki train station.
  • Then you may now ride the Thessaloniki train to reach Athens train station. Train station tickets can be one-way or roundtrip.

The train station in Thessaloniki is the busiest rail hub in sun-kissed Greece, boasting six platforms and nine tracks and welcoming hundreds of people daily.

Although the station's facade is somewhat retro, the complex offers everything you need for a stress-free trip. These include a large waiting area, plenty of ticket offices, left luggage facilities, a big shopping center, an impressive number of cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and even a tiny chapel.

Other Information

Here is other helpful information about Thessaloniki and Athens train stations:

  • The overall length of Greece's railways: is 5,256 km
  • Types of Greek trains: regular, express & intercity
  • Number of Greek routes sold on Rail Ninja: 12
  • The fastest train on Greece rail: 160 km/h