Kavala Airport Passenger Traffic Continues to Recover, Gains 11% in Q3 2023

Kavala Airport in Greece experienced significant growth in passenger traffic during Q3 2023, soaring 10.99% compared to the same quarter in 2022. While passenger traffic has surpassed pre-pandemic levels in Q3 2020 and Q3 2021, figures reflect they are still slightly below pre-pandemic levels in Q3 2019.

Sustained Passenger Growth at Kavala Airport, Q3 2023

In Q3 2023, the airport saw a 10.99% increase in passenger traffic compared to the same quarter of the previous year, marking positive and encouraging progress.

From Q3 2019 to Q3 2023, the airport has experienced various changes in passenger volume. In Q3 2019, the airport served 178,934 passengers. However, due to the global pandemic, passenger volume dropped to 51,977 in Q3 2020, a decrease of 70.95% from the same quarter of the previous year.

Despite the challenges, the airport made a remarkable recovery in Q3 2021, serving 108,594 passengers, a whopping increase of 108.93% from the same quarter of the previous year. The upward trend continued in Q3 2022, with the airport serving 161,161 passengers, marking a 48.41% increase from the same quarter of the previous year.

Kavala Airport Passenger Volume: Q3 2019 to Q3 2023

In Q3 2023, the airport served 178,876 passengers. Although this surpassed the pandemic levels of Q3 2020 and other quarters after that, it did not surpass the pre-pandemic levels in Q3 2019. Therefore, the airport still needs to recover from the impacts of the pandemic fully.

Analyzing the Q3 2023 passenger traffic data for Kavala Airport, it is evident that the airport has yet to recover compared to the pre-pandemic quarter of Q3 2019. The airport served 178,876 passengers in Q3 2023, higher than the pandemic levels but still lower than the 178,934 passengers in Q3 2019.

The quarter that remains a challenge for the airport is Q3 2020 when the passenger volume dropped to 51,977 due to the global pandemic. However, the airport has shown resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity, as evidenced by the steady increase in passenger volume in the subsequent quarters.

Passenger Traffic at Kavala Airport, 2018 to 2022

The passenger traffic at this airport has seen significant fluctuations from 2018 to 2022. In 2018, the airport served 398,874 passengers. This number decreased by 20.18% in 2019 to 318,386 passengers. However, due to the global pandemic, there was a drastic decrease of 76.49% in 2020, bringing the total passenger count down to 74,840.

In 2021, as travel restrictions eased, the airport saw a substantial increase in passenger traffic, with an increase of 106.09% to 154,238 passengers. The upward trend continued into 2022, with the airport serving 259,866 passengers, marking an increase of 68.48% from the previous year.

This significant increase in 2022 suggests a strong recovery and a return to pre-pandemic passenger levels. The reasons for this increase could be multifaceted, including the easing of travel restrictions, increased consumer confidence in air travel, and the airport’s strategic initiatives to attract airlines and passengers.

Flight Statistics at Kavala Airport, September 2023

The airlines that serviced the most routes at this gateway during this period were Eurowings, Olympic Air, Condor, Smartwings, and TUI. These airlines played a crucial role in connecting Kavala Airport with key destinations, contributing to its passenger traffic.

In September 2023, the airport served a variety of routes, both domestic and international. The top country destinations from this hub were Germany, Greece, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and Poland. For international destinations, passengers frequently traveled to Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, and Prague. Domestically, the busiest routes were to Athens, Skiathos, and Kefalonia.

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